We are specialized in mergers and acquisitions, performing sophisticated and complex operations involving several jurisdictions, such as spin-offs, acquisition of assets and lines of business of companies, joint venture agreements and other alliances, as well as in acquisitions and mergers in different jurisdictions, and acquisitions derived from restructuring processes. We also have extensive experience in business integration procedures before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

Area Leaders Juan Diego Rodriguez and Santiago Arias

We are experts in the structuring, preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts with a global perspective and knowledge of Colombian legislation. We advise multinationals in the establishment of their subsidiary companies and branches in Colombia, as well as in the registration of their foreign investments in the country. In the same way, we provide commercial legal advice to multinationals in the ordinary course of their businesses in Colombia.

Area Leaders Juan Diego Rodriguez, Ximena Chaves, Ana Lucia Rodriguez, Jorge Castaño

From strategic advice, related to business structures, through their negotiation and implementation, we provide legal services to local and foreign banks, financial advisors, investment funds and other financial entities, as well as to borrowers related to financial products such as syndicated loans, acquisition finance, private and public finance, project finance, capital markets, advice on financial regulation issues, and acquisition of risky financial assets. 

Area Leaders Ximena Chaves

Legal advice on matters regulated by foreign exchange regulations, including foreign investment in Colombia, Colombian investment abroad, foreign debt operations, imports and exports, the transfer of shares between foreign investors and, in general, any transaction that is subject to the applicable exchange regulation.

Area Leaders Carlos Kure and Juan Diego Rodriguez 

We advise companies participating in various sectors of the economy in matters related to the protection of free and fair competition, such as the verification of compliance with pricing policies, vertical agreements and general commercial policies of our clients, in accordance with competition protection regulations. Additionally, we represent our clients in administrative and judicial proceedings brought by and before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce related to these matters, including among them the notification or authorization of business integrations, investigations for restrictive practices of competition and unfair competition actions.

Area Leaders Jorge Castaño and Andrés Merchan

Advice to national and multinational companies in the development of their advertising and promotional campaigns, training the members of their marketing departments in the correct implementation of consumer regulation, and defending their interests, among others, in administrative processes carried out by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, as well as in the jurisdictional way.

Area Leaders Jorge Castaño and Andrés Merchan

Accompaniment in the acquisition of real estate for the development of a commercial, housing, hotel, infrastructure and/or mixed type; as well as in the structuring and formalization of legal vehicles for the management of capital resources through direct investment or indebtedness.

Area Leaders Ana Lucia Rodriguez

Consulting services on tax matters are subject to constant legislative changes. We are highly efficient in interpreting, structuring and negotiating our clients' transactions to maximize tax benefits and minimize costs. Our lawyers have represented Colombian and foreign clients during audit and control processes before tax authorities, and as attorneys in judicial and administrative tax processes in Colombia.

Area Leaders Juan Manuel Idrovo

Advice and accompaniment to local and multinational companies that collect and use personal data of different nature, such as financial, health-related, biometric data, among others. We ensure that your business complies with applicable regulations, preparation of privacy policies and authorizations, registration of databases, transmission and transfer of data abroad, fundamental rights actions and representation in administrative sanctioning processes and in the contentious jurisdiction.

Area Leaders Jorge Castaño

Experience and knowledge in commercial law to advise emerging companies (startups) in the establishment of their businesses by providing strategic legal advice to the founders and their shareholders. Structuring and negotiating the raising of resources obtained through investors, from a seed investment stage through "exits".

Area Leaders Jorge Castaño

Comprehensive advice on immigration law, serving in a practical way and with a preventive approach to the regulatory and institutional needs that are required. We guide and accompany the requests to obtain permits and visas applicable to our clients' workers, foreign investors, among others.

Area Leaders Boris Alfaro Castillo

Advice on labor matters required by companies for the development of their activities. Assistance in matters of individual or collective labor law, compensation, termination of labor relations, benefits, stock plans, compensation of directors, immigration matters and litigation, among others. We always seek to minimize labor risks without losing sight of the practicality and flexibility that companies require.

Area Leaders Boris Alfaro Castillo